What technical requirements do I have to meet?
What exactly do I need to join Connected Retail?
I do not have EANs. Can I still participate in Connected Retail?


I don't have an inventory management system, but I still want to join Connected Retail.
Do I need to install any software?


What do I need to ship the packages?
Is it possible to deliver abroad?


What brands and items do I need to have in my assortment to receive orders?
Can I also sell brands/items via Connected Retail that are not yet available on Zalando?
What if I do not want to offer my full assortment?


What are the logistics costs?
What are the costs for me as a retailer?


What happens to the returns?
What is the return rate?

Orders / order volumes

How many orders can I expect each day?
Can I also reject orders?
Can one order contain more than one item?


What does Zalando get out of the cooperation?
What is the advantage over other platforms?
What is the notice period?


How and when will I be billed?

Operational questions

Will I be provided with packing materials?
How can I avoid double sales?
Do I have to accept the sale price on Zalando?
What if I get too many orders a day that I can't process.


Which customer orders are passed on to the connected retailers?
How is it decided to which retailer a customer order is routed?
Does the customer know that the goods come from my retail store?